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We work on Sustainable Agriculture, Regenerative Farming and Alternative Sustainable Energy.

As a part of the mission and believes Earth Wealth Fund is focused on developing high impact investment projects in organic multi crop agriculture and with a special interest in operations related to Industrial Hemp.

Also, we work on the deployment of alternative sources of sustainable energy as Eolic and Solar Photovoltaic Projects in Chile, Mexico, Cyprus, among others.

Hemp is used to substituting over 50,000 products. Industrial Hemp can provide major solutions to some of the planet’s most pressing concerns including but not limited to climate change, deforestation (“hemp pulp paper, hemp wood, hempcrete”), poverty (“jobs and income security”), food security, natural medicine (“CBD and Terpenes”), soil remediation, plastics pollution (“bio-plastics”), fossil fuel extraction (“Biofuel”), mining (“composites”), energy (“hemp batteries and fuel”), HempCrete (Housing), Hemp Graphene and so much more.

Da Vinci SuperCar®

We are planning to build 3 prototype supercars made out of hemp that are high-performance, carbon-negative, environmentally friendly and sustainable. The cars are being built in partnership with hemp car maverick Bruce Michael Dietzen from Renew LLC and Indigenous Nations. It will be one of the world’s fastest street-legal sports cars. The goal is to test the sports cars and get them into production in the near future for the premium sports car market.

For the car body, we are creating a composite chassis made out of woven hemp fiber and resin. For the electric battery of the vehicle, we will be testing different types of batteries (as a super-capacitor) to charge the supercars as quickly as possible. For the interior, we are relying on using high-grade 3D printers to manufacture our parts.

For more information Da Vinci SuperCar®.

Virgin Organic Farmland

With up to 1M Hectares / 2.5M Acres of pristine lands farmland already pledged to grow Unlimited Hemp Company we hope to become one of the world’s largest Organic Industrial Hemp Farming Operations. We plan to use hemp to create medicines, regenerate soil, reduce deforestation, restore the climate and create a sustainable world.

Earth Wealth Fund has contracts with Indigenous Nations to grow hemp on up to 1M Hectares / 2.5M Acres of wild, virgin indigenous land, structured as a cooperative with hundreds of passionate and motivated indigenous farmers. We are planning two major hemp growing operations in the Province of British Columbia, and the Province of Quebec.

The Unlimited Hemp Company will also have smaller operations at Standing Rock, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and other tropical locations.

For more information Unlimited Hemp®.