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We work on creating a Special Economic Zone, Startups Academy, Startups Incubators and Accelerators.

The Guarantor and projects related to Enhanced Sustainable Development Goals, including but not limited to deployment of Vetted Investment into the Global Sustainable Accelerator located in declared Sustainable Development Special Economic Zones to promote and generate the following:

Sustainable Alternative carbon free energy; Universal Sustainable Hemp Agriculture and Extraction Plan; Cannabinoid Health And Wellness; Blockchain Technology For Common Good;

Digital and Commercial Banking; Manufacture of Hemp E-Cars and E-Batteries, Biodegradable Hemp Plastics, Hempcrete, Hemp Graphene, Green Hemp Homes, Hemp Apparel, And Events Supporting The Sustainable Development Goals (and the Enhanced SDGs).

The Unlimited Hemp Company® is also supporting the Enhanced Secured SDG Bond Framework, an innovative approach to funding the SDGs.