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We work on Living Economic System®, Sovereign Fund, Digital Banking, Crypto-Assets and Rewards economics.

$3.95 trillion USD in real assets has been pledged by indigenous nations and socially conscious organizations as a seed to create the Earth Sovereign Wealth Fund on the blockchain to back the value of the Earth Dollar®, for the wealth, prosperity and abundance of humanity and to heal Mother Earth.

The Earth Dollar® is expected to become the world’s largest private asset-backed community currencies and has the potential to become trillion-dollar blockchain crypto token application.

The Earth Dollar® is an Asset-Backed Private Community Currency stable coin running on the highest-speed quantum-secured blockchain platform, designed simultaneously to power a new Living Economic System on the Blockchain, to restore the Earth, end global poverty & fulfill the Enhanced Sustainable Development Goals.

The Earth Dollar® becomes more valuable as we progressively protect, preserve and restore the planet.

Earth Dollar®

The Earth Dollar® is the world’s first cryptocurrency with an “intrinsic value”, backed by Natural Capital Assets. It is anticipated to represent the largest deployment of natural capital assets on the blockchain, with the goal of helping achieve the Enhanced Sustainable Development Goals. We are not part of the UN but work with organizations for the betterment of our planet and for humanity.

These Enhanced Sustainable Development Goals cover a broad range of social and economic development issues, which include poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, water, sanitation, energy, environment and social justice. Participating in the Earth Dollar® allows people to “Do Well by Doing Good” and sets a new benchmark in the cryptocurrency world, creating the foundation for a new sustainable and transparent economy centered on the wellbeing of all life on our planet.

For more information Earth Dollar®.

Mother Earth Trust®

Mother Earth Trust’s mission is to mend the Sacred Hoop of Life by creating systemic global change and implementing systems that Care for Mother Earth. Mother Earth Trust® fulfills humanity’s dream of providing new hope for a brighter future. By redefining the values of money, progress and success, as well as creating protected wildlife sanctuaries, planting trees, sparking a revolution in consciousness, and creating more green opportunities, in harmony with nature!

The Pledge to Love Mother Earth, along with Our Mother Earth Constitution is encoded into the Mother Earth Blockchain Network that runs the Earth Dollar®. Mother Earth is our common home, and we are all brothers and sisters in the human family. We all live under the same sky, drink the same water, and breathe the same air. We are all interconnected and interdependent on one another. The destruction and deterioration of nature are closely related to our health and well-being; it shapes our human coexistence.

For more information Earth Dollar®.

Earth Sovereign Wealth Fund®

$3.95 trillion in assets from the Earth Sovereign Wealth Fund® have been pledged to back the value of the Earth Dollar® and to implement the blockchain-based alternative Living Economic System™. The Earth Dollar® is anticipated to be one of the world’s largest sovereign asset-backed community currencies. The largest asset class being co-steward by the Earth Sovereign Wealth Fund® in Traditional and Natural Capital Assets.

The Earth Sovereign Wealth Fund® was created through the generous pledges of socially conscious organizations and indigenous nations for the benefit of humanity and Mother Earth, with the Indigenous Peoples and the vulnerable communities being the major beneficiaries of the fund.

We realize that the initial $4.43 trillion from our Earth Sovereign Wealth Fund is still far short of the $100 trillion in funding gap that is needed to achieve the Enhanced Sustainable Development Goals, so we are seeking additional humanitarian partners with dormant, unused, underused, undervalued and new assets to top up the Earth Sovereign Wealth for humanitarian purpose partners.

For more information Earth Dollar®.