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World Impact Investment


Earth Wealth Fund is an impact investment and advisory firm focused on People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and long term Sustainability.

Areas of expertise:
– Impact Investment
– Sovereign funds and financing
– Innovation & sustainable development
– Asset development

Our mission is to manage and capitalize the added value of Traditional and Natural Capital Assets creating wealth, prosperity and abundance© while protecting Mother Earth.

Our network of partners entails The Earth Dollar®, The Earth Bank®, the Earth Sovereign Wealth Fund® and Unlimited Hemp Company®.

We strongly believe in the responsibility of present generations towards future generations to guarantee that 7 generations forward bequeath a planet that is not irreversibly damaged.


Earth Wealth Fund believe our generation is the first generation to end poverty & the last generation to save the planet.

The Earth Dollar® is a Living Economic System™ designed to rejuvenate the Earth, restore our climate, and revitalize the economy of nations.

To achieve the above mentioned objectives we forged the 26 Enhanced Sustainable Development Goals based on the 17 SDGs of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Development of Sustainable Agriculture and Regenerative Farming utilizing multi crop and Industrial hemp, as a renewable resource for food, industrial fiber, biofuel, hempcrete and more than 50.000 products. Deployment of Alternative sources for sustainable development.

Indigenous nations and socially conscious organizations are seeds of the Earth Sovereign Wealth Fund on the blockchain to back the value the Earth Dollar, for the benefit of humanity and to heal Mother Earth.

Partnership with the most innovative and relevant companies, accelerators VCs, and exceptional entrepreneurs, in the pursuit for high growth sustainable investment opportunities to help build companies as future market leaders. Development of Special Economic Zones.

Scouting, Strategy , Financing, Development and Operations of Sustainable Projects and Sustainable Asset.



Earth Wealth Fund is the sum of its actors, seasoned multidimensional international experts dedicated to influence trends across the globe. Our team is composed of highly trained academics and practitioners with global experience in complex political, investment and innovative environments representing sovereign nations and private players to forge new dimensional parameters.

Board of trustees

David Kam

Mesfin Zaid

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